About Fotopia

Simple move that brings your ECM to live & accelerate your document flows & business handling time.

What is Fotopia?

Fotopia is so much more than a company, a suite of applications, a solution for document management problems… It’s the embodiment of focused development and lots of hard work by dedicated ECM industry professionals. It’s a great example of aynergy at work.

Fotopia has its roots in the early days of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions as our expert developers began implementing large-scale technology renewal and installation projects for major corporations and government departments without any technical complicationas and with maximum compatibility with data importing and scanning devices. The team identified an urgent need to quickly and accurately digitize thousands of documents to accelerate enterprise-wide workflows. Fotopia team was formed and soon devised a set of applications to solve the problem.

Enter Fotopia on a grand scale. Fast, secure and Highly-reliable, Fotopia Viewer, Capture And Discovery applications integrate seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Today, Fotopia improves efficiency, enhances document sharing capabilities and accelerates performance at many of the region’s leading organizations, enterprises and government departments.

PLUG-IN easy to Office365 & SharePoint

Smart Document Management tool-kit

Mighty Digitizer for paper documents & archives

Activates & shifts your ECM to the next level

Handful Of Reasons
To rely on Fotopia ECM Suite

Brings SharePoint & Office 365 to life. ECM that functions

Captures & indexes up to 50,000 pages daily in your e-archive.

Manage your documents on the go & become paperless in a blink

Smart QA module assures the best quality of stored documents.

Secures your ECM & controls access rights to documents.

Cloud ready to work with your shared ECM repository.

24/7 On & Offsite support to troubleshoot any wrinkles

There's always a price plan for your needs with Fotopia


Health care facilities, Clinics, Laboratories & Hospitals

Financial firms & establishments (Banks, Insurance companies, advisors)

Professional Service Firms (Lawyers, Accountants, Business consultants, supply chains)

Schools, Universities & Accredited Educational Facilities

Government Sector, Authorities, Ports & Ministries

Logistics (couriers, freight forwarders, importers and exporters, customs handlers

Archiving & warehousing services & rental storage spaces

NGOs & Scientific & environmental groups.

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