Smart document capture, indexing & quality control for SharePoint and Office365 with Fotopia Capture

Smart capture process, with minimum efforts

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Fotopia Capture has all the features and versatility needed to lift a basic ECM system to a highly productive document management solution and has been designed from the ground up to reduce the significant time/cost barriers generally associated with storing, searching and distributing non-digitized paper documents. Fotopia Capture is easy to use, and intuitive way to bring papers, documents, and images into One Unified SharePoint platform that would offer an easy to use electronic document management system — no matter where any of these are located.

The benefits of fotopia capture digitizing your documents

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Scanning & indexing, first step to build your ECM

Document scanning and indexing are the necessary first steps in an organization’s digital transformation. Fotopia Capture is the greatest ally that digital transformation can have.

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Capture content from anywhere, anytime

Input content from any paper or digital assets. Scan directly to SharePoint, or drag and drop any files, emails, images, PDF files, etc. directly to your Fotopia library.

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A powerful OCR engine

Converts scanned text into word processing files, giving the ability to search for any content even if its hand written or scanned from an old news paper!

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Customizable Capture Workflow

Regulate and customize the flow of document capture – ensures all documents are queued for review and monitors the progress status for each batch.

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Batch Administration

Define, control, and organize the document capturing operation throughout an entire organization – allows users to configure appropriate settings group (Batch Class).

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Security and Accuracy

Quickly and efficiently save scanned documents to a SharePoint repository from any location with web access.

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Maximize Return on Investment

Having invested significantly in SharePoint and Microsoft 365, Fotopia Capture will improve the ROI timescale.

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Regulatory Compliance

Minimize regulatory and compliance risk by accurate classifying and storing of content and providing easy visual access.

Fotopia Capture in a Nutshell

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Scanning for Data Capture

Fotopia Capture extracts info from paper documents & electronic files & converts it into SharePoint or Office 365 accessible data. Integrated OCR software extracts text from your captured documents.

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Indexing for Storage & Retrieval

Accurate document identification is essential. If documents are not accurately indexed they may never be found – it’s like filing a paper document in the wrong filing cabinet. We solved all that for you.

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Quality Control at All Touch Points

Poorly scanned documents are hard to find & even harder to read, so its essential that quality is maintained during capture. Fotopia Capture will stop scanning if quality check rejects a scanned document.


Long Story Short, Told by Who TriedThe Solution & Saw the Value .

“Our implementation of Fotopia Capture comes as a positive step towards a complete document management solution on SharePoint. Fotopia’s solution saved around 50% of our costs and provided an efficient solution for our team to use on their daily backlog operations”

- Alia -
IT Manager - Fujairah Finance

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