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More than a basic viewer, Fotopia Viewer is a fully-integrated system that gives users a powerful store of precision tools to allow annotations, signatures, stamps, redactions, and notes to be securely added to files without altering or impacting on the primary document. This expands the scope of SharePoint’s already extensive functionality repertoire by radically improving the ability to collaborate with fellow users across the working environment.

Benefits of integrating Fotopia Viewer into your ECM

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Multiple File Formats

Supports a wide range of document and image file formats – providing exceptional functionality. Standard formats include PDF, TIFF, DOC and DOCX, EXCEL, PowerPoint, VISIO, PNG, JPG and BMP.

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High-Speed Navigation Through Your ECM

Browse, scroll and navigate around documents and libraries quickly and easily – for faster process throughput & accelerated workflow for your enterprise & team.

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Multiple Layer Annotation

Easily edit, add or remove annotations. Annotations can be in the form of a note, circle, line, ellipse, text, markup or highlight.

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Zonal Encryption and Redaction

Selectively encrypt or redact sensitive sections (zones) within a document to protect them from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

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Comments and Collaboration

Edit documents and images and add comments and notes without amending source documents or document security controls – improves collaboration and working efficiency.

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Smart Indexing

Intelligent indexing transforms the tedious process of manual document indexing into an efficient operation – enabling accurate and rapid searching, and saving costly time.

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Web scanning tool

Exclusively on Fotopia viewer plus, a web scanning feature is available to directly scan documents into Fotopia viewer for editing and archiving.

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Unlimited Resolution

Vector Graphics ensures pinpoint clarity – even obscure or faint documents are displayed at the highest resolution.

Fotopia Document Viewer Extensions

Stamping and e-signatures

Stamping \ signature

Create, select and edit stamps that can be configured with specific primitives, including font size, stamp shape, dimensions, stamp color and stroke size. Stamps can be saved for use on other documents.

image enhancements

Image enhancement

Enhance unclear documents or images effortlessly using the integrated image enhancement tools. This helps improve the overall clarity of any poor-quality images or documents.


Extending the Power of SharePoint

Using a simple URL, instead of individual desktop or mobile applications, Fotopia Viewer aids organizational efficiency by making it easy to view, manipulate & collaborate on documents.


Long Story Short, Told by Who TriedThe Solution & Saw the Value .

“Our implementation of Fotopia Capture comes as a positive step towards a complete document management solution on SharePoint. Fotopia’s solution saved around 50% of our costs and provided an efficient solution for our team to use on their daily backlog operations”

- Alia -
IT Manager - Fujairah Finance

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